THE SPICE 🔮 Sight-Seeker Hot Sauce
THE SPICE 🔮 Sight-Seeker Hot Sauce


THE SPICE 🔮 Sight-Seeker Hot Sauce

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Canadian hickory-smoked habanero peppers and caramelized onions are simmered with an armada of spices. The resulting spicy, sweet, warming, the aromatic sauce is brimming with flavours that will transport you far, far away.

Burn 🔥 Factor: 4/10

*Smoke & Tears Sauces are designed to create pleasure not pain. They are loved by the spice-shy and and those who like it hot.   

Hickory-smoked Habanero Pepper • Fenugreek • Cardamom • Ginger • Black Pepper • Red Onion • Clove • Cinnamon • Bell Pepper • Onion • Distilled Vinegar • Brown Sugar • Sea Salt