About Us


SMOKE & TEARS is a decade-long passion-project turned pandemic-pivot. Founder Shannon Armishaw and Chef Kevin Rickey launched SMOKE & TEARS online in April 2021 as a way to feed friends near and far after exhausted loved-ones expressed their burning desire for bold new flavours to brighten up dark days in lockdown. Since launching SMOKE & TEARS Essential Hot Sauces have won the hearts of a growing community of Friends & Lovers who share these sauces with those they love. 

Award-winning Hot Sauces designed for pleasure
(because life is painful enough!)

SMOKE & TEARS Hot Sauces are a distinctive line of palate-awakening flavour-bombs that hit all the notes our tastebuds long for. Our sauces are vegan & vegetarian, plant-based, low in sodium & sugar, free of gluten, nuts, dairy, additives and preservatives, and made in Toronto with love. Food lovers, heat-seekers, and the spice-shy alike adore these gourmet game-changers. 

SMOKE & TEARS has become a national and internally-award winning company. Our game-changing sauces have graced the pages of LCBO Food & Drink, Chatelaine Magazine, and Design Lines. We have been featured in the Toronto Star and on CBC's the National and founder Shannon Armishaw has shared her perspective on creativity, startups, and life as a female founder through panels, podcasts and online publications.

Join us as we blaze our own path 🔥

You lit this fire. This is all for you 🖤

Enjoy your SMOKE & TEARS!

Shannon Armishaw & Kevin Rickey