Bottle of Smoke & Tears Bad Blood BBQ Gourmet Artisan Hot Sauce Chef-crafted and created in Toronto with love
BAD BLOOD BBQ πŸ’£  Blackstrap Burner Hot Sauce


BAD BLOOD BBQ πŸ’£ Blackstrap Burner Hot Sauce

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Canadian hickory-smoked habanero peppers bring gentle scorched heat to robust, mineral-rich blackstrap molasses. The bright acidity of tomatoes cuts through, amplifying the espresso. Full-bodied and palate-bewildering.

Burn πŸ”₯ Factor: 5/10

*Smoke & Tears Sauces are designed to create pleasure not pain. They are loved by the spice-shy and and those who like it hot.Β Β Β 

Hickory-smoked Habanero Pepper β€’ Onion β€’ Molasses β€’ Tomato β€’ Garlic β€’ Espresso β€’ Distilled Vinegar β€’ Brown Sugar β€’ Chipotle Peppers In Adobo β€’ Paprika β€’ Cumin β€’ Sea Salt