Smoke & Tears Hot Pan Bread

Smoke & Tears Hot Pan Bread

¾ Cup warm water
2 tsp dry yeast
½ tsp sugar
3 Cups Flour
½ Cup Smoke & Tears, Green Godless sauce
1 Tsp Diamond Kosher salt
2 Tsp Olive oil

Combine the warm water with the yeast and sugar. Let it stand until the yeast activates and shows signs of life. Add the rest of the ingredients with the salt being last. Mix to incorporate but do not over mix. Let the dough rest lightly covered until doubled in size. Heat up a cast iron pan on medium to high. Tear off ½ cup sized handfuls and on a plate with a little bit of olive oil, flatten the dough with your fingers until it is between 1-2 cm in thickness. Carefully lay one onto the cast iron pan and wait 2-3 minutes until browning has begun before flipping it. Cook the other side for an equal amount of time. Remove the pan bread and continue cooking the rest of the dough. The finished breads can be kept wrapped in linen or a basket to stay warm.

Serve with any protein prepared with Smoke & Tears Jerk Marinade, Smoke & Tears Trinidadian Chickpea Curry, Smoke & Tears Coleslaw and rice & peas for a Caribbean Feast!

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